a quick guide to using git on CAEN

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git intro for CAEN

by: otto sipe
github: @ottosipe

quick info:

quick and dirty if you know git:

in ~/.git folder on CAEN: git init --bare eecs280/proj1
from CAEN home: git clone ~/.git/eecs280/proj1/
or from remote: git clone
first push use: git push origin master

detailed setup on CAEN:

  1. login To CAEN
  2. create a .git folder in your home directory
    mkdir .git; cd .git
  3. create a project repo (PROTIP: use folders for seperate classes)
    git init --bare eecs280/proj1
    • this command makes a folder called eecs280 and a repository called proj1
  4. go back to your home directory.
    git clone ~/.git/eecs280/proj1/
    • here we are making a copy of a repo to work use on CAEN (you can clone anywhere)
    • git will most likely warn you that you've cloned an empty repo
  5. close CAEN and go back to your local machine. (optional if you only work on CAEN)
  6. make sure you have git installed
    • git --version will give you a version number if you do
    • if you don't, go here
  7. clone your new repo to your local machine in a sensible directory
    git clone
  8. open the new folder and add your project files (or some blank test file)
  9. type git commit -am "initial commit" to commit your changes
  10. then type git push origin master to send them to the server
    • you'll only have to type origin master once to let your machine know to create the master branch on the remote repo
  11. log back into CAEN and go to your regular project files (not the ones in .git) use git pull to pull the changes you made on your local machine.
    • it is important to note that you have to pull and push on your own even if your on CAEN. when you push to CAEN you're pushing to the hidden remote repo in .git/ not to your regular file

now you're setup!

one of the best reasons to use git is for the ability to create branches of your code and revert to old versions if you make a mistake - more on this later! (or serach "git tutorial" on google)

git glossary